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SEO: search engine optimization
Better to be found on  Google. 

our SEO process

1. SEO Keywords
keyword research
2. Setup
Google Analytics
Google Search Console connect
3. Basic optimization 
Include keywords
optimize structure
Submit to Webmaster Tools
4. Additional Measures
Site booster app




SEO KEYWORD research CHF 190.-

Do you know what keywords your customers are searching for and how big the competition is? 

In a keyword research we list the top 30 keywords for your Offers , with the focus on your location(s) and/n the keywords you specified yourself. 

This data is then used as a reference for all internal SEO settings and can be used for all future content/blog posts.



SEO Analytic SETUP CHF: 180.-

The SEO SETUP is the cornerstone for all further measures. In this step, we link the website to Google's Analytics tools. This is the only way we can find out what prospects are looking for and how they get to the site.

  • Google Search Console

  • Connect Google Analytics

  • Submit sitemap

basic optimization

SEO SETUP + Grundooptimization package 

  • Optimization of H1, H2, H3 tags

  • Removal of broken links

  • Image captions

  • Alt text for images

  • Meta tags optimization

  • Schema optimization / structured data

  • Connection to Google Search Console

  • Connection to Google Analytics

  • Sitemap on Google and Bing webmasterSubmit  Tools


Basic flat rate CHF 130.-

+ CHF 50.- per page

+ CHF 20 per blog post

+ CHF 10 per product

You give us the keywords and we optimize the site.




Other measures we can offer

  • Start a blog with long keyword rich articles.

  • Install the Site Booster app.

  • Page speed optimization.

  • Check and secure domain authority

  • Implement backlink strategy

What you can expect from my SEO Services​.

An important disclaimer at this point.


We also don't make false promises.

There are many different factors that determine whether a website ranks on page 1 or page 78. We can only influence a small part of it. There are therefore no guaranteed SEO results. 




Wir use the industry standard methods  and techniques, increasing the likelihood that your site will be found faster on Google.

With our work, we lay the important foundation for your site to be found more easily. SEO is very time-consuming and must be actively pursued on an ongoing basis. After we have optimized your site, we will give you a simple fact sheet with the top tips on how you can ensure that your search results continue to improve.


How can on-page SEO help?

On-Page SEO is very important for the indexing process and search engine visibility. By combining content optimization with the best keywords, your website will rank higher.


What if I don't see any results?

You may not see any results for certain reasons: / Source code problems ( template ) / Ban from Google for suspicious activity / Inappropriate content / Host provider problems / Domain name problems etc.

Is this service recommended for a newly published website?
Yes, this is the perfect service for a new website as it can take a while for a newly published website to show up in the search engines. It's possible that not all pages on your website are indexed by Google yet and I can help you with that.

Can you offer the SEO service for my product pages as well?
Yes you can add this as an optional extra depending on how many products you have. If you have a large number of products, please contact us for a quote.


How can this service improve my ranking on Google?
This service ensures that you choose the right keywords and that your website's SEO settings are set correctly to improve your online visibility.

Is Wix good for SEO?
Yes. Wix has the same settings that allow us to change meta titles, descriptions, change text, add code to header & body, etc. A Wix website can basically accomplish the same thing as any other website platform.

I already worked on my SEO, why do I need this service?
Contact me directly and I will review your website first to advise you on what I can offer you.

Why should I use you?
We are official partners of who know the platform inside out. 
What kind of results should I expect?
Once your site is optimized, it will take 1 or 2 weeks for Google Crawlers to index new changes, and then your content will be ranked in Google within 1 to 2 months. We provide SEO that is durable through a number of different metrics. We look at leads, traffic and rankings.


Will my website be on the first page on Google after ordering.

There are no guaranteed results in SEO and there are many other factors that determine whether a website ranks on page 1 or page 78. That's why we don't make false promises. Since we cannot influence Google and Google's algorithm is regularly changed, we cannot guarantee any results.

Why is ranking on Google so important?
Every company today goes through a kind of filter. Be it Facebook, Instagram, Quora, or any other social platform. The only place that has really stayed direct is Google. When you google your query, you're looking for a direct answer. It is a direct gateway to business opportunities.


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