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Online Marketing Advice

We clarify the main questions around um Website, e-commerce and online marketing in one independent consultancy.

Websiten Coaching
Die Online Marketing Advice

Modern website builders make it relatively easy to launch a website. Anyone who begins to deal with it quickly realizes that this is just the beginning. Suddenly questions like:

  • What a domain name should I choose?

  • What am I supposed to use to build my website anyway?

  • What are the pros and cons of different providers?

  • Can I use it to achieve the desired function at all?

  • how much does it cost to maintain a website?

There are also new terms like SEO, backlinks, URL structure, 401 redirects, GDPR, click through rate, Google Analytics etc.

From an entrepreneurial point of view, it makes no sense to dwell too long on such questions. After all, time is money. From my own experience, independent advice is definitely worthwhile.

  • Beratungsgespräch über Online Marketing

For whom is the online marketing consultation intended?

Online marketing advice is mostly used by entrepreneurs who want to create a website themselves, run it themselves or want to start a new e-business or e-commerce. 

The most frequently asked questions include:

  • Which system should I use?

  • Can my idea be implemented like this?

  • How expensive is a website?

  • How complex will the implementation and maintenance of my project be?

  • What would be a good name for me?

  • Can I continue to use my old system?

  • How could I improve my website?

About me

Andreas has developed 100+ projects in WIX, Wordpress and Shopify and is today official partner of and the Wordpress Astra Pro Theme. Since 2018 I've been self-employed in online marketing and have been able to accompany many interesting projects during this time.  


In addition to my work as an online marketing coach  and the web agency, I also run my own online shops with various partners . I have successfully tested everything I pass on in my coaching sessions beforehand.

Every day I deal with online marketing and web design and therefore know all current trends and developments. My coaching clients benefit from all the experience I have gained over the past few years.

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Process der Online Marketing Beratung

1. Booking the Coaching appointment

You can book a free appointment for the coaching online right here. You can see which dates are still available in the calendar. When booking, you can write down the most important questions so that I already know what it is about,

After booking I will confirm the booking manually in an email. Since I want to check your request first to make sure I can help you, it can take up to 24 hours before I can send you a confirmation.

2. Online Marketing Beratung via zoom or phone

About Zoom:About 1 hour before our coaching appointment, I will send you another email with the link to our virtual meeting in Zoom. This email will be sent automatically.

3. Short email with the most important notes from the conversation and helpful links or documents.

Following the interview, I'll send you a brief summary of the key points, along with any helpful links and materials we may have touched on.

Image by Nick Morrison

Online Marketing Beratung Prices

Your investment:

​Mindestdauer für das Online Marketing Beratung sind 60 Minuten: 

First 60min: CHF  140.-

Danach rechne ich im 1/4 Stundentakt ab: CHF 35.- / 1/4 Stunde 


You can transfer the first 60 minutes before the start. We will bill you for the remaining time after the end of the call.


Good preparation is important to me. Therefore, be sure to ask me your most urgent questions when you make your booking. Technical development is rapid and there are new tools and possible uses every day. Should I not answer one of your questions knowing an immediate answer, and  need more time for clarification,  I will definitely tell you.

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