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Pre-registration WIX SEO Crash Course Basic

gratis & non-binding

Wouldn't it be great to be number 1 on Google?


Exactly this question I  gets asked again and again. But of course it's not quite that simple. This requires a clear strategy and a lot of work.

Today it is relatively easy to create a website with modern tools. But how do I apply to connect this website and how am I found at all?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a very comprehensive topic and it is easy to lose track. 


That's exactly why I'm planning a short introductory crash course of about 1 hour video length with hopefully many helpful tips  and further information.

So the content will be about:

What is important in SEO?

How do I get #1 on Google?

keyword analysis

Basic SEO optimization

SEO vs Google Ads vs Facebook Ads.


For whom is the crash course suitable?

This introduction is suitable for everyone who would like to take the basic SEO optimization of the website into their own hands or simply want to get an overview.

All those who pre-register for this course will see the first version of the perfect free.

All I want in return is a short feedback.

Pre-register without obligation and receive the 1st version of the course for free

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