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SEO coaching

Learn how to continuously improve your website's ranking on Google.

Websiten Coaching
The SEO coaching

You may have just had your website completed or completed it yourself and would like n​un, of course, that as many customers as possible can find the website at all. Of course, this works best if man  ends up in 1st place in the Google search. Unfortunately, this is not quite so easy to do, it quickly becomes clear when you look at the number of search results on Google. 


Book a consultation appointment  and save time and hassle.

You could make much better use of the time in which you try to try it yourself. You will also be much more motivated to work on your business afterwards.

Wollen Sie lernen wie Sie das Ranking Ihrer Website in Google verbessern können?
SEO Coaching
1 Std.
Which questions can we answer in SEO Coaching ?

In the coaching we explain everything important about search engine optimization.

Among other things, we can work through the following points during the coaching .

  • We check the website layout and structure

  • keyword research

  • Competitor Analysis

  • H1, H2, H3 ,Meta and Alt tags

  • Revision of titles and texts

  • Connect  and indexing with Google Search Console

  • Analysis of data from Google Search Console and Google Analytics

  • Schema Markup

  • Google My Business

  • link verification

  • other valuable tips

Who is Online Marketing Coaching intended for?

The online marketing coaching is aimed at all those who want to manage their website themselves and don't want to simply outsource online marketing to someone else.

As a rule, our coaching participants have already started a website themselves and would now like to learn how to further expand and improve the website or your e-business.

your coach

Since I became self-employed in 2017, I have been able to accompany many exciting projects in online marketing. Since then, over 100 projects have been developed in WIX, Wordpress and Magento and since 2019 I am an official partner of and the Wordpress Astra Pro Theme.


I originally studied agricultural economics at ETH Zurich, so I have a great fascination with how to achieve the best results with as little effort as possible. Even though I can now support some major customers in the field of social media marketing, I am still particularly interested in small businesses that strive for simple and efficient solutions.


My passion is certainly the coaching that I offer. Passing on my knowledge and creating something great together enriches me and is my daily motivation.


Driven by curiosity, I like to try out my own projects and websites and can always test what I'm selling to my customers there.


In my private life, I live on an old farm near Weinfelden with my wife. Through her, I immersed myself in the world of photography and I am often allowed to support her on photo trips abroad. I prefer to spend my free time in Switzerland in nature around Lake Constance.


I look forward to many exciting projects.


Procedure  des Online Marketing Coachings

1. Booking the Coaching appointment

You can book a free appointment for the coaching online right here. You can see which dates are still available in the calendar. When booking, you can write down the most important questions so that I already know what it is about,

After booking I will bookmanually in an email. Since I Dwant to check a request first to make sure I DI'm sure I can help, it can take up to 24 hours before I can send you a confirmation.

2. Invitation by email 1 hour before

About 1 hour before our coaching appointment, I will send you another email with the link to our virtual meeting in Zoom. This email will be sent automatically.

3. Live coaching via Zoom

The coaching takes place per Zoom. 

SEO Coaching Ablauf

What you can expect from our SEO Services​.

At this point an important disclaimer. 

We also don't make false promises. 

There are many different factors that determine whether a website cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d ranks on page 1 or page 78. We can only influence a small part of it.  There are therefore  no guaranteed SEO results. 



Our SEO promise

Wir verwenden die Branchen üblichen Methoden und Techniken und erhöhen damit die_cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_Probability that your page will be found faster on Google .

With our work, we lay the important foundation for your site to be found more easily. SEO is very complex and must be operated continuously actively. After we have optimized your site, we will give you a simple fact sheet with the top tips on how you can ensure that your search results continue to improve.


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Stefano Hubli
Hubli & Partner
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Sandra Schneider
Power Sandra

Online Marketing Coaching Prices

Your investment:

​Mindestdauer für das Online Marketing Coaching sind 60 Minuten:  CHF 140 .-

Danach rechne ich im 1/4 Stundentakt ab: CHF 35.- / 1/4 Stunde 


You can transfer the first 60 minutes before the start. We will bill you for the remaining time after the end of the call.

Longer coaching packages

For longer coaching sessions of more than 4 hours, I offer discounts or package prices.

Please take beforeContactup with me. 

Wollen Sie lernen wie Sie das Ranking Ihrer Website in Google verbessern können?
SEO Coaching
1 Std.
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